Yet another update. (I am on a roll)

I am getting a little burned out on watching other people on YouTube, DOING, what we plan to do. I am not resentful, only a little bit envious, and sad to admit more than a little bit scared. (only YOU, my hairdresser, and my teddy bear know this so keep it quiet)

I spent the last 10 years building the “perfect” life, complete with a 2400Sq Ft. custom smart house (Tammy made it a smartHOME), a thriving small business, and a rat race life. I cannot believe we have been “downsizing” for almost 2 years and still have stuff of value left. And what we want to take still won’t fit in the van.

The truth is, “living with less” is still not completely real to me even though we have sold over $10k worth of “stuff’ and don’t miss any of it.

Today, we were passed by a sprinter covered with stickers. It was obviously the mobile palace of a man and his queen who had made good on our promise.

We all found the courage the courage to pull over and meet each other.

AS ALWAYS. I was immediately overwhelmed with gratitude for the people my higher power insists that I meet. We shared sprinter stories and accolades, a little sun, ideas, and many smiles and laughs, it was a beautiful interlude to a long day.

Dan and Kristina are real people who are living full time in (or out of) a sprinter. They built it, and they are living it!

I needed the reminder of what it is all about. Thank YOU!

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