I will try to make this short and sweet. This is dedicated to the guy in the Honda that gave us a shout out and thumbs up in traffic today. YOU know who you are (but I don’t) THANK, YOU! I needed that to get back on track.

SO, what has happened since I posted last?

  1. We had an earthquake. A big one by most standards, BUT, we survived, and hung out in the magic sprinter because it had power, and broadband while the rest of our world didnt.
  2. We listed our house. We are now seriously down the rabbit hole of going “full time”
  3. Somebody reminded me that my business has value, by showing interest in buying the business, (including the sprinter)
  4. I did a bunch of “epiphany awareness” and realized that the things I have built, have value. (house 200k, Sprinter, 50k Dreamweavers 300k) (Checkbook 67.34)
  5. Tammy and I took a whirlwind (work) trip to Soldotna (middle of the night, jaunt through Alaska in February) after a last minute (2 year to late) install of the lightforce light cannon LED’s)
  6. “I will miss the magic sprinter” became a theme of the trip. As always, the journey in the magic sprinter, no matter how arduous, was comfortable, and magical.
  7. On the way home, I got an email from the guy who wants to buy DreamWeavers. I have read enough of it to know he wants DW, but doesnt want to cash me out of the sprinter. (I try NOT to read emails while driving 85 on black ice )
  8. We are home now (safe) I will read the rest of his proposal tomorrow….

Gotta go with what the universe thinks I deserve….

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