Ok, I have not updated in a loooong time. I am truly sorry In my defense we have been enjoying an epic Alaska summer, and working on the MagicSprinter pretty much everyday.

The trip to Fairbanks, then Juneau (see the gallery for pictures) produced a punch list of things that were not on the short list.

  • Mosquito netting over the big door. (DONE) see the galery.
  • Rotate the bed 90 degrees and make it 80 inches from 70 inches long. Guess whos idea that was 🙂 DONE, and excellent! we can both stretch out and we made some new for storage.
  • Integrate Alexa. (Almost done) The miles of programming are done, and tested. I just need to put the DAQPi back in, test everything, wire it back up,  buy another echo, etc, Ad infinitum I will probably find another excuse to rewire the backplane in the process.
  • Bulkhead at back door, or head of bed, depending on perspective.  Done but needs a hinge the jams for the escape hatch
    • Must include escape hatch
    • Should be usable for hanging storage
    • Kitty containment
  • cargo net at foot of bed. (not even started)
    • Kitty containment
  • External cell booster, and 4G antenna. (DONE, but I have ideas to make it work better)
  • TV. (research started)
  • Additional batteries (cuz i suddenly feel like i am wasting solar energy) this is on the short list for the next time we can afford it (SOON)

So, since some of our punch list is done, we decided to work on a form over functionality project. Finishing the interior wood.

I have always planned to sand/poly/sand more/poly/ sand again/poly, repeat until happy method of finishing the interior as natural wood. Today, I am leaning toward finishing the trim, and hitting it with a nice coat of chalk paint.

The desk, which is 3/4 oak plywood that has been abused and unfinished for 3 years will probably get a good sanding, a burned in outline of Alaska, and a 16th of an inch of clear epoxy. As a matter of fact, that is a project I can start now 🙂

Back to work!

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