We added a Budget model (from target) whirlpool refrigerator/freezer. I will post the details if it works out.

Initially it drew 6.56 amps (about 75 watts on a 12V inverter, 1 of those amps being the inverter itself.).

It froze water in the freezer part, and the fridge part seems cold (BUT, it is in the low 40s ambient) . It shut off and has not drawn a dime since. I am going to let it go all night. The “Coach” batteries are at 12.5ish now, (19:30) and the inverter is idling. (because the new refrig is not having to refrig much)

I will post again in the AM with the results…

If the coach batts are still above 12V, annnd the inverter hasn’t errored out, I will be VERY happy.

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