Just another day

I have trouble seeing what WE do as extraordinary. Maybe it is an Alaskan thing. Maybe the things I get to see, and get to do in the last frontier are extraordinary to most. Maybe they have become mundane to us.

this week.

WE did a couple 120 mile (round) trips to Anchorage for some good jobs from some good “buyers” Being what it is (a 24 foot long 9.75 foot tall extended wheelbase van) it gets around great even in tight alleys, downtown, parking lots, etc.

We headed to Soldotna Thursday morning (200 miles one way), to do a circuit cut over and network upgrade for one of our favorite national clients. While we were in Soldotna we were blessed to help out on of our “local” clients with a few pressing issues (install a few extra cameras, and help guide her through “porting” a couple of her phone numbers to AT&T (more on why, later, maybe)

While working the circuit cutover we were able to use the 4G LTE/WiFi hotspot magic of the magic sprinter to provide “out of band” access for the upstream engineers. It worked great and because of it we were able to avoid a costly abort for our client

Now we are back at the home shop and contemplating some reworks of the magic sprinter to make it even more full time friendly.

Ideas we are working

  • Indoor toilet ,and perhaps a “stealth urinal”
  • Outside shower (can wait until warmer weather)
  • More organized storage for clothes
  • Refrigerator
  • Water cooler/heater
  • Change the orientation of the bed, so we can make it a little longer, and provide a desk surface for Tammy
  • TV/Monitor
  • PTZ camera on a retractable mast on the roof
  • Fix and finish a few current design flaws.
  • Better inside organization
  • Space (coach) heater/furnace

Immediate tasks

  1. Back up the magic DAQC. I have written miles of code for the DAQC system, and I have never backed it up. Oops. I was recently writing some code on a similer system for another project, and lost it all after about 30 hours of coding 🙁 that reminded me to back up the code in the sprinter.
  2. Much better inside lighting.

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